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Shoulder Stabilization

Shoulder instability refers to the dislocation or subluxation of the humeral head from the glenoid.  Usually caused by falls or sports-related impacts, dislocations of the shoulder are often painful and may recur depending on the degree of injury, age and activities of the patient, or with any associated bone injury.  

The goal of arthroscopic stabilization of the shoulder is to repair the labrum in the front of the glenoid that tears as the ball dissociates from the socket.  During this procedure, the surgeon inserts a small camera into the shoulder joint to visualize the soft tissues of the shoulder and repair injuries by reattaching loose or torn ligaments to the joint. Small suture anchors are used to tighten any loose components of the joint and secure the joint firmly in place to prevent future dislocations.  The goal of surgery is to restore full function, alleviate pain, and stabilize the joint.

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When to Consider Surgery for Shoulder Instability

Surgery for Shoulder Instability


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