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Biceps Tenodesis

Biceps tenodesis is a surgical procedure performed for patients who have sustained either an injury of the long head biceps tendon, or an injury to the labrum where the biceps tendon originates.  Both of these injuries can result in pain with use of the shoulder and can be treated with a biceps tenodesis, or release and reattachment of the biceps tendon in a different location along the humerus bone.  

In most cases, the biceps tenodesis procedure is a same-day surgery.  This procedure may be performed arthroscopically or using a small incision (open). The tendon is released from its native origin along the top of the glenoid (socket).  This tendon may be reattached  to the humerus in a variety of ways, including placing it into a bone tunnel with a screw, using suture to attach it to the bone, or suturing it to other surrounding tendons.  Over the ensuing 8-12 weeks this tendon will heal to the structures it has been attached to.

After your procedure, your arm will  remain in a sling for two to three weeks.  Weight bearing restrictions are implemented for around 12 weeks as the tendon heals.  Often, physical therapy is initiated during this time frame. 

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