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Madelyn's Story - Bilateral Shoulder Replacement

When Madelyn first came to us she was 7 months out from having a total shoulder replacement. Originally she fractured her humerus in 2006 from a skiing accident. After time her bone developed necrosis and she had to have surgery for further intervention. Unfortunately, the replacement did not help. She rated her shoulder at 50% of normal.

An x-ray of her right shoulder revealed that her humeral head had migrated superiorly and she had a loose osteophyte. A CT scan revealed that her shoulder had a large rotator cuff tear. We revised her shoulder to a reverse shoulder replacement in January of 2012. 

Madelyn’s shoulder showed significant improvement throughout the year. In fact, she was able to get back into yoga 11 months out from her surgery. However, her left shoulder started giving her difficulty. With the extreme pain she was having she rated her shoulder to be 10% of normal.

Upon evaluation of her x-ray we found that she had end stage glenohumeral osteoarthritis. August of 2013 we replaced her left shoulder using cadaver tissue to resurface her glenoid.

Madelyn’s Pre-operative x-rays:

Madelyn’s x-rays at 2.5 years post right replacement and 1 year post left replacement:

Madelyn rates both her shoulders at 95% of normal.

Madelyn Talks About Having Both Shoulders Replaced


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