Denver Shoulder - Reverse Shoulder Replacement

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Homer's Reverse Shoulder Joint Replacement

Homer came to our clinic in 2012 because he was having difficulties with overhead activities, sleeping, and with playing the violin.  In 2006 he had a his rotator cuff repaired but never returned to 100% normal. The pain he was experiencing in his shoulder was a constant dull ache, he said his shoulder was 50% of normal

Homer couldn’t get his arm to external rotate, limiting his ability to play the violin. 

His x-ray showed that his humerus was superiorly migrated and his CT showed that he had a re-tear of his rotator cuff tear with a partial-thickness teres minor tear. Homer was elected to proceed with a reverse shoulder replacement. We replaced his shoulder October 2013.

At Homer’s 7 month visit he can external rotate is arm again.  He is already pain free and back to playing his violin.

Homer's Plays Violin After His Reverse Shoulder Replacement


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