Denver Shoulder - Continued Shoulder Instability after Multiple Surgeries

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David's Story - History of Shoulder Dislocation

David had a history right shoulder dislocation since he was 18 years old. He had undergone multiple surgeries to address his shoulder instability but at age 39 continued to experience dislocations and chonic shoulder pain. David had been unable to work due to his shoulder problems.

Dr. Ben Sears evaluated David's shoulder and a CT arthrogram showed an irrepairable tear of one of his rotator cuff tendons (the subscapularis), metal anchors from previous surgeries, as well as evidence of a previous Latarjet procedure for anterior instability.

To address David's shoulder problem surgically, Dr. Sears moved a tendon from David's pectoralis (chest muscle) to the area where the subscapularis previously inserted into the upper arm bone (humeral head). He also used an allograft achilles tendon (a cadaver graft) to help stabilize David's shoulder.

The following pictures show David demonstrating his right shoulder motion 1 year after his surgery. His pain has nearly resolved and he has been able to return to work and is able to play ball with his kids.


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