Denver Shoulder - Fractured Glenoid and Labral Tear

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Travis' Biking Accident

A bicycle commute gone wrong resulted in a fractured glenoid and labral tear for Travis.  He underwent surgery by Dr. Benjamin Sears and now is back to bicycling and other Colorado activities.


"While riding my bicycle into work I suffered a crash while turning a corner at a higher-than-appropriate speed. I landed on my right side, suffering a labral tear in my right shoulder, I fractured my left thumb as it hit the ground while my left humerus dislocated, fracturing my glenoid as it popped out of place. I was able to relocate my shoulder on the street corner to the dismay of a bystander and get myself to urgent care. After thumb surgery I made an appointment with Dr. Sears and was in surgery on my left shoulder (fractured glenoid) in a few days. After several months of physical therapy I was in for the biceps tenodesis on my right shoulder.

Today I am fully recovered with approximately 98-99% range of motion. I am a side-sleeper and once recovered from my surgeries I am again able to sleep comfortably. I am again able to lead an active lifestyle, riding, backpacking, and exercising as I was before my bicycle crash. My friends and family tell are impressed with what I am able to do with my shoulders post surgeries. 

I would recommend Dr. Sears to my family and friends should they ever need his services."