Denver Shoulder - Elbow Fracture When Snowboarding

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Nicholas' Story - Elbow Fracture After a Snowboarding Accident

"In November 2013 I broke my arm while snowboarding in Colorado. The break was severe enough to require major surgery to repair the joint that had been broken into many pieces. With the surgery successful I was out of the hospital in 18 hours and back to work within 5 days. My range of motion was limited but streadily improved day after day. By the second month I was able to lift small objects and after 4 months I was able to move large objects. My range of motion improved evey month. At 10th months of recovery I have 90% of my motion back and I am doing all physical activities such as weight lifting, obstacle/runs, biking, hiking and camping. I am in no pain and after a morning stretch I'm as good as new."
 - Nicholas V, September 2014

The following x-ray was taken in the emergency room following Nicholas' snowboarding injury. His elbow was broken in many places, and the fracture fragments are displaced so they would need to be "reassembled" and then held in place with orthopedic implants.

The following images are x-rays showing Nicholas' elbow after surgery. They show the fracture fragments back in place, held together by plates and screws. The image on the left was taken looking at the elbow from the front, with the elbow straight. The image on the left was taken looking at the elbow from the side.


These pictures were taken about 11 months after Nicholas' surgery to repair his elbow. He is able to use his arm to support his body weight and is well on his way to getting back to snowboarding.



Nicholas' Post-operative Xrays


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