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Scott's Biologic Shoulder Replacement

Scott came to our clinic in 2012 for a second opinion regarding his right shoulder pain. His shoulder problem began back in 1987 when he had an arthroscopic stabilization done at the University of Iowa. He returned to 100% of normal up until 6 months prior to visiting us; his shoulder started feeling unstable at times and was giving him problems with overhead, behind-the-back, and cross-body activities, and sleeping. It was making it difficult for him to do his job as a carpenter. He was having pain over the posterior portion of the shoulder that would radiate up into the neck. He rated his shoulder to be 40% of normal.

His x-rays showed that he had decreased joint space with inferior osteophyte formation of the humeral head and some glenoid wear inferiorly. 

We replaced Scott’s shoulder using cadaver tissue to resurface the glenoid and a cap for the humeral head. 

Scott visited our clinic September of 2014 and said his shoulder now feels 85% of normal. He is able to continue his work with very little limitations. 

Scott Discusses His Shoulder Replacement

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